Alex Rodriguez Regrets Impulsively Adding On the Timberwolves to Lynx Purchase

Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez finalized his plans last week to buy the Minnesota Lynx and Timberwolves. However, sources say he is feeling buyer’s remorse for half of his purchase. 

“I knew I wanted to buy the Lynx,” Rodriguez said. “They’re a powerhouse. But I’m not sure I made the right decision with the Timberwolves, even if it was a bargain.”

Rodriguez confirmed that the agreement involved a “BOGO” deal where he paid full price for the four-time WNBA champions and got the championship-less Timberwolves for 50% off. 

“I told him not to worry about it too much,” said Marc Lore, Rodriguez’s business partner. “We’ve all gotten bored during the pandemic and made purchases that we regret. I know he’ll make the best of the situation.”

When asked how he plans to steer the Timberwolves toward a winning season, Rodriguez said that he will advise them to “try harder, run faster, and shoot the ball more.” He also shared that he will develop a “mentorship program” where Lynx players will check in with a Timberwolf once a week. 

Current owner Glen Taylor could not be reached for comment. According to insiders, his latest post on his private Instagram read, “I’m free!” and featured a picture of him popping a bottle of champagne. 

“You know what they say,” Rodriguez said. “You win some, you lose some, and in Minnesota, the Lynx happen to be doing all of the winning.”