Four Christmas Outfits to Hide You’re a Messy Wittle Baby Who Just Did a Spill

Christmas is right around the corner. While most people associate this cheerful time with gift giving and family, one thing that can’t be neglected is fashion. Everyone wants to look their best: especially if you’re a messy wittle baby who’s gonna get their nom noms on their cute wittle outfit. Here’s 4 looks for covering up all of your food oopsies.

Plaid Flannel
A fun, festive flannel is a perfect cozy option for the cold winter weather. Rocking a multicolored plaid is a great way to mask a stain when wittle baby gets a dribble of gwavy on dem at dinnertime. Plus you’ll be sure to stay nice and warm when you get the sweepies and need a post dinner nappy-bye.

Opt for strategic layers for your Kwistmus feast this year. That way if baby makes a spill of kwanberry sauce on their tum tum you can cover it up wif a scarf or a cardigan.

Eat dinner worry-free by stashing your go-to bib in your bag. Not only do you get to go to town at the sugar cookie decorating station, everyone at the table will know that you’re Santa’s Wittle Kwistmus Elf.

Rain Poncho
This holiday hack gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want this Christmas and walk away stain free! Dream of a white christmas in your fuzzy snowman onesies shielded by clear protective plastic. So when it gets to that time of night when you spit up kwismus pudding like the wittle baby that you are, you don’t have to throw temper tantrum!