Five Chaste Ways to Shoot Your Shot at Church Bae During This Year’s New Years Eve Service

New Years Eve service is here and you – a young God-fearing Christian – has got almost everything you need for a Christ-filled crossing into the new year: your new ‘Do Not Conform’ branded tee, the most up-to-date version of the Bible app on your phone, and a mug to be filled with coffee that reads, “Waiting on my Boaz”. All that’s missing is that special someone to side-hug when the clock strikes twelve. But worry not, says the Lord—here are a few chaste ways you can shoot your shot at church bae during service this New Years Eve. 

  1. Give your crush a compliment or two. They won’t know how you feel unless you tell them! Tell them that you love their dangly cross earring. Let church Bae know that you love the way their cable knit turtleneck sweater accentuates their face that was so beautifully and wonderfully made in His image. Tell them you love the base note of frankincense in their perfume, and tell them you love the top note of myrrh in their cologne. Be not afraid, says the Lord—and be forthright in letting your person know what you think of them. 
  1. Make eye contact. This is critical during praise and worship, since it’s a moment of vulnerability and one of the greatest expressions of passion for the Lord, and potentially for one another. Make sure to meet their eyes every few seconds as you close your eyes to refocus and shout your praises, so they don’t get it twisted—God is first, and they are second. And if bae is on the worship team? Even better. Something about locking eyes with someone while they’re singing backup on that stage really adds a divine element to your interaction. 
  1. Write your phone number on the offering slip. If you’ve been trying to find a slick way to give church bae your number, wait until the tithes and offering buckets make their way around the sanctuary. Grab the offering slip, and write down your phone number instead of your credit card number. Once you place it in the bucket, make use of the eye contact you practiced during praise and worship to let them know that there’s a little spiritual gift waiting for them. 
  1. Hug, but from the front. This might be a bit controversial, but this is the most direct way to shoot your shot. When the clock strikes twelve, and the married couples turn to kiss each other, turn to church bae and reach out for a front hug. Feel free to rub their back a few times or squeeze, but only for a few seconds. Then turn back to the pulpit and jump for joy! Not only have you entered the new year, and with a potential new bae, but you’ve also just hit third base, and that’s a huge accomplishment. Praise God!
  1. Last, but certainly not least, pray for them. Duh. Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith, says the Lord. In your direct communication with God, thank him for your day, your family, your friends, and the church, but don’t skip out on the part where you ask God to please, please let his will be done and let church bae ask you on a date this week. What makes church bae perfect is that while you’re praying for them, they are probably praying for you too. So have a little faith, and know that God hears both of your prayers.

Hopefully, these tips help you exit your season of singleness and enter a new season, full of post-church brunch dates and front hugs. And remember that it is okay to not have control over every part of this process. Let go and let God, because he’s got the whole world and the future of your relationship with church bae in his hands.