Five Watt Coffee to Release Edgier Take on Folgers’ Famous Brother and Sister Holiday Commercial

There’s something creative brewing at Five Watt coffee that may shock some of their regulars. The local Twin Cities chain has, with stringent COVID safety protocols, been working on a commercial that their team describes as a “spiritual sequel” to Folgers 2009 “Coming Home” ad that features what some argue is romantic tension between characters who are introduced as brother and sister.

“What Folgers did was subtext which, for a big corporation like that ten years ago makes sense. Those cowardly corporate shills couldn’t commit to creating something that really challenges a viewer.” The Five Watt holiday commercial director Anthony Fidello told us. “Subtext is dead, the commercial I’m delivering is raw, unfiltered pure emotional concentrate.”

Fidello explained that his commercial will find a family gathered around a table in a dimly lit kitchen after a brother and sister have confessed their relationship to their parents which kicks off a twenty-minute argument where the family’s deepest secrets are laid bare, culminating in arrests made outside of Five Watt coffee.

The commercial is set to release the week of Christmas and Fidello feels like it is likely to make an impact.

“Do you want to buy your coffee from a chain with a reindeer mascot that’s got nothing to say or do you want to get your coffee from a place that isn’t afraid to challenge you.”