MNSure Now Offering 284 Insurance Plans For Each Individual Bone, Organ

Online health insurance marketplace MNSure will now offer 284 distinct insurance plans for each individual bone and organ in the human body, giving Minnesotans greater control over their health.

Each plan can be purchased in three ‘levels’ – gold, silver, and bronze – each with their own deductibles and premiums, putting the total number of plans at 852 and the possible number of combinations at well above the number of atoms in the known universe. 

The new system will be ideal for customers who want to save money by insuring vital body parts like the heart or lungs and skipping less essential ones like the bones in the inner ear, the appendix, or the kidneys.

“We figured that dental plans are already purchased separately so why not separate it all and let the consumer decide what’s best for them” said MNSure CEO Nate Clark, “and the best part is – navigating the new site takes less than 15 hours.”

MNSure says that by the end of year, they hope to add several dozen mental health insurance plans to the site, one for every possible emotion or stressful circumstance a human can experience.