Newly Adopted Dog Looks Forward to Spending Eight Hours a Day Barking in North Loop Studio Apartment

MINNEAPOLIS — After being adopted by woman who assumed she’d be married by now, a three-month-old Bernedoodle puppy is excited to start living the dream: spending five days a week barking incessantly as it paces the studio apartment that is now its home.

The dog, a poodle-bernese mountain dog mix named “Berne Sanders”, is looking forward to the short ten minute city walks that are perfect for a high energy dog like himself.

While his new dog mom Lainey Davis spends her days working in the marketing department at Target Corporate, Berne’s howling will be tormenting the neighbors in the adjacent units of the ElseWarehouse apartments.

Berne will spend at least 48 hours a week alone clawing the walls of his 450 square foot home, but his evenings and weekends will be spent catching up on Riverdale and being clutched too tightly in selfies.

This $3,000 pup has two Instagram accounts and three Christmas sweaters but has not been to the vet or received any heartworm medication.