Report: Walz Restriction Reason I Haven’t Been To The Gym In Five Years

As kitschy hashtags like #HotGirlSummer gain more and more popularity, gyms are a popular hotspot, but as a consequence to original Walz restrictions due to COVID, I have not been to the gym in the past five years.

One source (me) suggests that my long-term absence of being at the gym does not, in fact, stem from my negligence of use of the gym membership I still pay for nor the mental block I developed from required high-school gym class.

Another source (myself) has identified the original 2020 Walz restrictions as the leading and major cause for my multi-year absence from seeing someone lift free weights.

As other cities and states begin to open, top level decision makers (I) are considering returning to activities that they have listed as a new year resolution for consecutive years.

Unfortunately, experts (this author) no idea whether change is likely to happen, but expect that as long as it is socially acceptable for the community (the collection of brain cells that make choices for me) to use Walz’s restrictions as an excuse, it will continue to be the trump card in decision-making for years to come.