Shakopee Woman Fears Her Best Friend Joined Cult After Christmas Card Reveals She Married Into a “Matching Jammie Family”

Original photo by Saundi Wilson

SHAKOPEE — The winter holiday season means family traditions, cookies, and cards, but Tiffany Sampson, 31, of Shakopee received a lot more than a happy family update in her best friend’s Christmas card this year. 

“One minute, I am enjoying a wonderful shutterfly collage of my nephews and nieces, and then I’m being blindsided by my childhood friend, Margaret, who revealed that she and her husband were going to raise her children wearing matching Christmas jammies each year. For Christ’s sake, even their dog was wearing red plaid pajamas! It was absolutely horrifying. It has to be some kind of cult.”

After a deep dive into Margaret’s facebook page, she also has been sharing reels of asking her husband trick questions, according to Sampson.

“Look, I don’t expect people to celebrate Christmas the same way I do,” Sampson continued, “I have friends who aren’t religious, who send New Year’s cards instead, but this is where I draw the line. Matching clothes are for children, not adults. How did this slip past me? I thought I was a good friend, I thought I was observant. I was her maid of honor at her wedding, her husband seemed fine! What’s next? They decide to go on a Disney Cruise!?”

We reached out to the family-in-question for comment, but they were unavailable because they were on a Disney Cruise, without the kids.