Unlikely Animal Friendship: This Cow Is Friends With Another Cow That Totally Sucks

Awww. Now, this is sure to brighten your day. 

A cow in Albert Lea is friends with the most unlikely creature – another cow that totally sucks.

Farmer Janice Pace says Sprinkles, 10, and Sadie, 9, have been inseparable since the day they met in September last year, despite one being an ordinary dairy cow and the other being a boring dairy cow that everybody thinks is kind of a loser.

“It was just the cutest thing when I first found Sprinkles nestled up next to Sadie the first day she arrived,” said Pace, “It was like she didn’t even realize that Sadie was an obnoxious little dweeb.”

Since their fateful meeting, Sprinkles and Sadie have played together in the grass nearly every day, even though interacting with Sadie is like watching paint dry. Sprinkles frolics around joyfully while Sadie just sits nearby mooing and taking up space like the world’s most annoying sack of potatoes.

Animals being friends with other animals that stink and are probably virgins is unusual but not entirely unheard of.

“In Argentina, there was a case of a chicken becoming good friends with a turtle that was a huge dick that thought it was better than everybody else,” says zoologist Dr. Ken Torrance, “but at least he had a personality – Sadie the cow is just totally ‘blah’”

Sprinkles and Sadie’s improbable bond transcends all logic and gives us hope that there’s someone out there for us even if we’re hopelessly uncool dolts.

We wish them both the best!