Glow Up! This Sidewalk Is Now A Big Ass Hole!!

Photo by Washington State Dept of Transportation

MINNEAPOLIS — Watch where you’re stepping cuz there’s a new big ass hole in town. What used to be a sidewalk near Zipps Liquor on Franklin is, you guessed it, a beautiful big ass hole, with many corners on that same block also having undergone beautiful transformations that some are saying are “a total inconvience” and yet even others are calling “such a fucking look”.

“I used to never think about this block, like ever!” said Seward Co-op employee Katt Jones. “But now that it’s a big hole…I don’t know I see it in a different light, I don’t wanna say I’m attracted to it, but like…it’s kinda cute!”

There have been reports of pedestrians walking awkwardly on the deconstructed sidewalks, only to be taken aback by what one Seward resident called “A strange attraction”, causing many to take selfies with the hole, place flowers near it, and, in some cases, plan their future with it.

“I keep getting this strong urge to leave my wife everytime I see that construction,” Said schoolteacher Chuck Canusz. “That’s all I think about now! Leaving town with just me, my car, and this big hole on 27th and Franklin.”