New VR Experience at Mall of America Lets You Imagine the Timberwolves Being Good at Basketball


Bloomington – The Mall of America has announced a new NBA-themed virtual reality experience will be added to the mall later this year which will let users experience what it would be like if the Minnesota Timberwolves were actually a good team.

Partnering with The VOID, the VR attraction opening at the Mall of America later this year, the Timberwolves hopes to give patrons will have a number of scenarios they can choose from to live out a dream where the team has made much better choices. Some of these include: drafting Steph Curry instead of Ricky Rubio or Johnny Flynn in the 2009, Andrew Wiggins actually playing like a max contract player, and never considering trading Kevin Garnett.

“We as an organization have made a lot of mistakes over our 30 year history,” said Wolves General Manager Scott Layden. “So we thought we could gives the fans something to lift their spirits.”

If this takes off, team officials stated they plan on adding even more VR situations, as there are several ones to choose from. “When the only thing of merit in Minnesota basketball history left is one division title and a statue of George Mikan, this makes a lot of sense” added Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Grahl.

The Timberwolves expect this immersive experience to be ready just in time for their next losing season.