Devastating: Cousin Finds Gold Egg With $50 And Spends It On TikToker Merch

The egg hunt was going great. Your family was vigorously sprinting and crawling around in search. Your basket so far was full of eggs with jelly beans and more eggs that also had jelly beans, but that’s not the prize you were looking for.

Suddenly your cousin, Breelyn, declares that she has found the golden egg with a thicc, crisp $50 bill. As she gleefully celebrates her windfall you delete the screenshot of the fun-colored hand towel set you were going to buy. 

You nicely ask Breelyn if she’s excited to put the $50 into her savings account, to which she responds, “Haha what? I’m gonna buy jewelry from Loren Gray’s &always collection and a Pouty Face sweatsuit like Addison Rae! RIP Sway House:/” You then run out of the room to sulk while Breelyn does a series of hand motions that are allegedly a dance and searches “Fanjoy” on her iPhone 12.