Sam L Landman

MOA Unveils Nickelodeon Multiverse

Just like the actual universe, Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe is doing a bit of expanding in the near future. Starting in the summer of 2020, it will morph to Nickelodeon Multiverse, bringing together every character that’s been created for the cable network since its inception back in 1977.

Opinion: Uptown’s Been Going Downhill Since Sox Appeal Closed

Back in the day, Uptown wasn’t some shopaholic’s wet dream. It wasn’t a mecca for lowlife corporations. It was an eclectic sideshow of freaky nutjobs. Punk rock attitude wrapped in a sexy burrito of anti-establishment. And the guac on that burrito? Sox Appeal.

Whether you loved Dilbert, Andalusian horses, Picasso’s Blue Period, or just wanted everyone to know that you were the undisputed “Duchess of Sassytown,” good luck finding a better way to…