Local Maniac Still Bikes to Work


MINNEAPOLIS — Despite continued snowfalls and below-freezing temperatures, local maniac Matt Steele still bikes to work every day. Donning weather resistant gear and goggles intended for mountain skiing, the unhinged Minneapolis Systems Administrator embarks on his inadvisable 90-minute commute each day regardless of severe weather.

“I really love just getting out there and feeling the wind on my face!” said the deranged cycling enthusiast of the negative wind chill, “you do it once and you’ll never go to work by car again.” MN cycling experts agree that Mr. Steele’s habit is both “demented” and “not what bikes should be used for”.

After affixing his bicycle with obscenely thick tires, the lunatic biker trudges daily through inches of snow and ice, causing traffic to slow behind him. “The best part is you’re the only other bike out there! Really opens up the road” said Mr. Steele. At press time, co-workers of Mr. Steele reported the masochist wears the winter clothing over his business casual attire and never showers once he gets to work.