Minnesota Continues To Rank Among Best Places To Live If You Ignore Asterisks

Minnesota: land of 10,000 lakes and home of the Mississippi Headwaters. Birthplace of Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan*, great American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald**, and world renowned storyteller Garrison Keillor***. The home of Target, Supercuts, and 3M****. Truly, the greatest state in all of America to live if you ignore asterisks.

While our winters might be harsh, they’re certainly worth enduring for the breathtaking sights. You will marvel at our many lakes***** with Dakota or Ojibwe names******. And it’s not just the natural sights you’ll come to love.

Boasting the Target Center*******, the U.S. Bank Stadium*******, Target Field*******, the Xcel Energy Center*******, and Allianz Field*******, the Twin Cities is home to a cavalcade of major stadiums for every major sport.

And there’s nothing that displays the richness and beauty of true Minnesotan culture than the Minnesota State Fair********. With crop art, deep fried foods, barn animals on display, there is no better expression of what it means to be a proud Minnesotan*********.

So do come up and visit the North Star State sometime. We’ll (kinda) be happy to have you.

* Has notably distanced himself from the state as early as 1961.

** Was a destructive alcoholic and casual racist.

*** Has since been accused of sexual harassment.

**** Paid $5 billion settlement for contaminating drinking water with cancer-causing chemicals.

***** Are full of harmful invasive species that are killing the biodiversity in those lakes.

****** Tribes that were violently removed from their rightful homes in this state.

*******Sponsored by a multi-million dollar companies in a completely unaffordable neighborhoods well maintained by police.

******** Denotes insufferable traffic.

********* If you can afford to spend $50 to walk around eating garbage food in the August heat during the day on a Wednesday.