MN Man Regrets Intensity of Dividing Groceries at Checkout


ST. LOUIS PARK — While checking out at Lunds & Byerlys, local man Tom O’Neill quickly divided his groceries from another customer’s, immediately ashamed his movements were too aggressive. Concerned his sudden placement of the rubber grocery lane divider could be interpreted as “territorial” and “aggro”, the MN accountant offered a half-hearted smirk to the couple in line behind him. “As soon as I put it down, it felt way too defensive. That lady for sure thinks I hate her and her food,” Mr. O’Neill said, adding “I was doing it for her! So I didn’t accidentally steal her food; should I say something?”

Sources confirmed the couple’s food was considerably lower priced than Mr. O’Neill’s, add to his concerns. “I’m not one to judge, but then I firmly put that divider down between my red kale and their gallon jug of fruit punch,” said Mr. O’Neill, “that wasn’t a good look.” At press time, Mr. O’Neill did not round his total up to donate to UNICEF contributing to his fear that he came off poorly.