Opinion: A Global Pandemic Won’t Stop Us From Getting Married in Front of 200 of Our Closest Friends and Family

With everything going on, the elections, people out of work, keeping track of lesson planning for a hybrid school schedule, and everything else, we just knew we had to do something. So that’s why we decided to keep our original wedding date! 

“Blake & Madysn 10.15.20” just has a ring to it. I’m a first grade teacher so I love how it sounds like counting by 5s. And Blake had already gotten the time off approved and it’s so hard to get time off at the hospital right now. It would be selfish if we didn’t keep the date. And with my nana’s health, if we keep pushing it back she might not be able to be there and I just really want my nana to see me walk down the aisle in the church she was married in. 

We are asking our guests to not come if they know they are sick. And since no one will be there if they’re sick, we won’t have to wear masks! Except maybe for a silly picture so we remember when the wedding happened. But in all seriousness, I just don’t want my pictures ruined with 7 bridesmaids wearing masks. What’s the point of paying for everyone’s makeup if half their face is going to be covered? 

At the end of the day, we trust our friends and family. We wouldn’t be holding the ceremony if we didn’t. 

Editor’s Note: At press time 31 cases and 1 death have been linked to “Blake & Madysn 10.15.20.”