Absolute Legend: Mason Just Changed His Zoom Background In The Middle Of Class To A Picture Of Freakin’ Deadpool

BROOKYLN PARK — Woodland Elementary student Mason Martin became the coolest student in his fifth-grade history class this week after briefly changing his Zoom background to a picture of wise-cracking Marvel antihero Deadpool.

Eyewitnesses say teacher Jeremy Nevis was in the middle of a particularly tedious lesson on the causes of the War of 1812 when Mason, 11, well known in school circles as a prankster extraordinaire, executed his magnum opus.

“One second, I’m yawning listening to Mr. Nevis talk about Frank Scott Key or whatever and next thing I know, Mason’s background is Deadpool and I was like ‘what the flip? That’s random!’”, said classmate Kaden Newsome, 10. “Mason is awesome. He should have his own Twitch stream or something”.

The Deadpool picture in question was a promotional still from the 2018 film Deadpool 2 in which the titular character is looking directly at the screen with a finger over his mouth as if to say “aren’t I a stinker?”. With the photo behind him, Mason mugged for the camera, imitating Deadpool’s expression perfectly.

The image stayed up for approximately 15 seconds before students’ laughter alerted Mr. Nevis, who realized what had happened and politely asked Mason to remove it. Mason obliged without incident, though some sources say he may have mischievously rolled his eyes ever so slightly.

“It was dope as crap,” said classmate Grace Hall, 10, “it was the best thing to happen in class since Emily’s cat walked up to her computer and licked the webcam.”

Not even the great artists like Michelangelo and Picasso were able to please everyone, however, and Mason is no exception. Case in point – noted Mason hater Jaxon Garcia: 

“It totally sucked! I was planning on changing my background to Freddy Fazbear’s from Five Nights At Freddy’s but now people would think I’m just a copycat,” said a visibly bitter Jaxon. “Guess I’ll have to learn how to do a backflip or something.”

What’s next for Mason? No one knows. Like a prankster J.D. Salinger, the young comedian  could not be reached for comment. But classmates’ anticipation for his next move could not be higher.