Confusing Billboard Either Pro-Pizza or Anti-Abortion

A new billboard erected off of I-94 north of Clearwater l has been causing confusion amongst people traveling to their lake cabins with its vague premise that is either trying to sell pizza or trying to discourage abortions. 

“I could enjoy a slice of Tony’s Original at only 9 weeks,” the billboard proudly claims, while showing a picture of an infant next to a slice of pizza.

“It’s clearly just an ad for Tony’s Original Pizzeria,” said Andrew Brown, who saw the billboard. “If it was trying to make me think about abortion, why would it proudly mention the location of a pizza place?” 

Margaret Freeman, who lives nearby, disagreed. “The nine weeks thing is too specific,” Freeman said. “That’s something you’d only put if you were trying to discourage abortions. No idea why it mentions the garlicky crust and three types of cheeses, though.”

Tony Alfredo, the owner of Tony’s Original Pizzeria, did little to put the controversy to bed, saying, “The billboard is as straightforward as the value of getting three one-topping medium pizzas for only twenty dollars plus delivery.”