Edina Local Government to Adopt Monarchy


KINGDOM OF EDINA, MN — In a landslide election Tuesday, the citizens of Edina voted to transition to a monarchy effective immediately. The final act as a democratic republic was a nearly unanimous decision as many townspeople feel Edina is fulfilling their ‘Manifest Destiny’.

“It’s honestly a long time coming,” former city councilman and current knight Sir Scott Halliday said, “We’ve been secretly working toward this for a long time. At this point, nothing will actually have to be done or changed. More of a matter of paperwork at this point.”

Area squires are skeptical of the recent change and are concerned with the kingdom’s ability to survive without any serfs or peasants. “Edina consists of virtually only lords and ladies of the feudal class,” University of Minnesota professor and monarchical expert Robin Marie noted, “Without a subjugated laborer population, it’s simply not sustainable.”

Edina clerics have already stated the person with the shiniest Mercedes and biggest watch will receive the divine right of God’s mandate. Sources confirmed all children of Edina are prepared to officially become princes and princesses and are excited to follow the monarchical traditions of battling for the throne, building moats, and inbreeding.