First Ave Offers New Ticket Pricing to Stand Behind Tall Dude Snapchating Entire Concert


In an effort to keep up with the ever evolving landscape of the concert-going experience, First Avenue has announced a new ticket pricing for those of us doomed to stand behind a dude snapchatting the entire concert.

Now music fans can receive a 15% discount to be knowingly paired with a bro who is over six feet tall, who has paid full price to watch the concert through the screen of his iPhone X. That bro’s poor-quality broadcast will then be available to all his friends to skip through for free at home.

When asked about the new TDS (Tall Dude Snapchatting) ticket offer, a First Ave rep stated, “Since we couldn’t possibly ask people to refrain from posting concerts to social media for no one to watch, we figured we’d incentivize other concert goers to continue to come to our events.”

Other new concert going experiences that First Ave considered included an adjacent room where you can pay to listen to the studio recording of the artist in a simulated living room environment, and nosebleed seats for full price that come with a tablet to watch the concert from the same distance back.