Growth: Mom Hasn’t Asked Her Kids About Missing Tupperware for Over a Month

MAPLE GROVE — Although the season of giving may officially be over, the spirit of generosity and forgiveness lives on in Diane Robinson, who hasn’t bothered her kids about returning her plastic ware for five weeks.

“I gave some of my kids some Tupperware with cookies and sides and stuff like that after the holidays and while neither of them have given those containers back I haven’t bugged them about it yet which is big for me.”

According to Robinson’s daughter Kelsey, this is a side of her mother that she’s never experienced before.

“Honestly, I’m surprised she hasn’t said anything about the Tupperware yet. In the past, she’d send me a ‘can’t wait to have you over for dinner! And bring that boyfriend Mr. Tupperware you’ve been keeping from us too ; )’ text but she hasn’t” said Kelsey.

“I was expecting her to lump it in when she texted me to ask me ‘who that actress with the teeth is’ but she didn’t. This is really big for her”, she added.

For Robinson, she welcomes this new, more relaxed attitude regarding her Tupperware.

“I am trying to focus on letting go this year,” said Diane as she deleted an email draft with the subject line ‘TUPPERWARE??????’. “It’s really giving me peace of mind.”