Jacob Frey Googles “How To Get A Funko Pop Of Yourself??!” For Fourth Time Today

Photo by Tony Webster

MINNEAPOLIS — Mayor Jacob Frey has reportedly been ignoring meetings, morning agendas, and other duties to focus on “priority number one”: figuring out how to get his image memorialized in the form of a Funko Pop. 

The big-headed collectible toys have garnered the attention of fanboys and man-children alike with their simple design and depictions of iconic pop culture characters and not local politicians.

Frey has reportedly been busy for hours searching variations of the original question like “can you get a funko pop for being mayor of minnepolis (sic)?!”, “do you have to put your face in plaster and send the plaster to the funko people and will that hurt?”, and “Siri, GIVE ME A FUNKO!”.

“I just want to know if I have to do something or say something or, like, can anyone just get a Funko pop of themselves?” said Frey, visibly haggard from the worrying uncertainty of the whole situation. “Because I’ll do it. I don’t care what it is. I’ve never cared about anything more in my life”.

In addition to the searches, Frey also tweeted “make me a funko where I’m wearing a cool Imagine Dragons hoodie thanks (heart eyes emoji)” at the official Funko Pops twitter account, commented “nice” on a YouTube video entitled “Top 20 Funkos of 2020”, and texted St Paul Mayor Melvin Carter to make the erroneous statement that “my new funko pop is already in the mail.Jelly?”. 

At press time, Frey had hung up in the middle of a call with police reform activists because he had a great new idea for a Funko pop where he’s wearing a jetpack like the Mandalorian and wanted to draw a sketch of it before he forgot.