Local Man Upset to Learn There Are Places Colder Than MN


A Baxter man has been left dumbfounded upon learning that places colder than Minnesota exist on this earth.

The man, who declined to be named, came upon the shocking realization after hearing on the radio that Fairbanks is the coldest city in the US, with temperatures below freezing over 60% of the year.

“Like, I knew about the Arctic and stuff. You know, North Pole, South Pole. I’m not an idiot,” the man said. “But have you ever been to Duluth? That shit’s cold. They don’t call us the ‘Bold North’ for nothing.”

When informed the entire country of Canada is north of Minnesota, the man was crestfallen.

“You know what, I don’t even care,” he said defiantly. “It IS cold here. Way colder than down south. Those pussies put on a jacket when it’s 60 degrees out. Me, on the other hand, I wear this baseball hat year round. My ears can go to hell if they’re cold. Go Twins.”