Minneapolis Woman May Not Be Able to Afford Therapy But She Can Wear a Fun Little Hat Now That It’s Spring

While many have struggled with mental health and financial insecurity the past year in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic one Minneapolis woman has found a bright spot amongst the gloom. While Sadie Lenn may not be able to afford therapy, she has found that she can temporarily improve her outlook on life by wearing a fun little hat now that we’re moving into spring.

“I’d love to be able to talk with someone who isn’t my friends or family just to process what I’m dealing with but since I don’t have health insurance, I can’t really pay for a therapist out of pocket,” Lenn said.

“But after going through my closet in an attempt to find pants to sell 20-year olds on Depop, I found a little straw hat that I’d forgotten about and I gotta say, it’s sort of helping me feel better about myself.”

Lenn has found that the hat has afforded her many opportunities at temporary reinvention.

“I can put it on and look in the mirror and be like “Madeline alert!” or wear it on my way to meet a friend and imagine that I’m New York socialite about to embark across the Atlantic on a virgin voyage on the then largest passenger ship in the world at the time feeling trapped and hopeless in a life I’m not sure I want until I meet a charming third-class passenger with a 90’s haircut who shows me what it means to live, laugh and love until I let him freeze to death after the ship crashes into an iceberg and tell Bill Paxton about it 84 years later. It’s nice!”

While Lenn has been told by friends and family that this is a temporary solution, she has some ideas for how to continue to get the most out of her “fun little hat.”

“I’ve done some budgeting and if I buy enough fun hats for each week of every month, I could probably trick myself into thinking I’m happy and it would still be cheaper than a year of therapy. If I can just manage to come up with new scenarios to coincide with each hat and make the periods when I’m not wearing the hat as short as humanly possible, I may never have to feel sad again!”