QUIZ: Are You Feeling Crippling Ennui Related To The Heat Death Of The Universe, Or Are Your Friends Just Moving Out Of State For Grad School?

It’s fall, the weather is changing, and we’re all feeling a little weird and desperate for stability. Is that ennui due to the inevitable impermanence of everything we know and love, or are your friends just moving out of state for grad school? Let’s find out: 

  1. Describe a perfect Friday night: 

    A. Cook a nice meal, eat it out on the porch and watch the people go by. Everyone who’s left, anyway. 

    B. We get the whole gang together and hit the North Loop for drinks and dancing! Everyone who’s left, anyway. 

  2. What’s your dream Fall 2021 vacation? 

    A. Appalachian Mountains. Hear me out—  they predate human life by almost 500 million years, there’s fun to be had hiking the trails, and it’d be nice to get away from it all for a few days. On the drive back I’ll probably think about whether it was a huge mistake for us to leave those mountains once we became Man.

    B. Gainesville, Florida. Hear me out—  Kelsey’s out there getting her Masters in Education and we can hit up college bars just like the old days. On the flight back I’ll probably be thinking about whether it was a huge mistake to turn down that job in California after graduation. 
  3. Would you rather affect the past, or the future?
    A. The Future—  please God, let me have a say over our wretched futures.
    B. The Past—  I’m still kicking myself over telling Adam he should go to UBoulder over the U of M for his PhD. 

  4. Coke or Pepsi? 

    A. Pepsi. Does it matter?
    B. Coke. Does it matter?  

It’s the crippling ennui related to the heat death of the universe. Just remember that life is worth living, and just because we’re not guaranteed another day doesn’t mean that we have to be paralyzed by fear. Perhaps some structure will help you out. Have you thought about applying for grad school? 

Your friends are moving out of state for grad school, and that sucks! It’s hard not to feel left out when others are making big moves. Just remember, you’re on a spinning rock that’s hurtling through a vacuum of space, and at any moment we could hit a black hole and it’ll all be over anyway. Also there’s FaceTime!