Report: Chaska Mom Has a Plastic Bag of Loose, Cooked Hamburgers and Hotdogs for You To Bring Home

CHASKA– If you’re at a loss for what to make for dinner on a hot summer night, fear not! Chaska resident Susan Donaldson has a plastic bag of loose, cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for you to bring home. 

“We were grilling the other night and I guess we got a little carried away out there!” Donaldson told us. “So there’s a bit for you to take home if you want a little something for later.”

The “little bit” Donaldson referred to is contained inside an almost billowy two gallon plastic bag filled with three well-done hamburger patties, two wrinkly char-grilled hot dogs and one normally cooked brat. Whether the brat was an intentional addition by Donaldson or a happy accident is still unclear. 

The bag itself is a marvel of contradictions; cold to the touch from its time in the temperature-controlled meat drawer of the Donaldsons’ garage yet also decidedly tropical as evidenced from the ample condensation dripping down the bag’s insides. Dotting the sopping wet landscape of Donaldson’s offering are little bouquets of congealed fat that when smudged, lend the bag an air of mystery from the resulting opacity. 

If you thought that this bag of treasures was the last of the Donaldsons’ offerings, you would be sorely mistaken. 

“Don’t say we never gave you anything!” Donaldson’s husband Erik told us, followed by a playful punch in the arm that felt a lot harder than a joke. 

The Nordly can confirm that the Donaldsons are planning on doing more grilling in “the next few days or so” and will likely have more hamburgers, hotdogs and possibly thawed potato salad to give away.