Representation Win: Sesame Street Just Added A New Puppet From Edina Who Keeps Telling Oscar The Grouch To Learn How To Code

Original photo by Herald Post and kendra k

It’s about time!

The latest episode of the beloved educational children’s show ‘Sesame Street’ introduced Mackenzie, an adorable orange puppet from Edina who won’t stop telling Oscar the Grouch to take some initiative and learn to code.

In the episode, which was brought to air by the generous help of the letter ‘L’, the new character moved to Sesame Street with her parents who recently purchased the community’s staple ‘Hooper’s Store’ and are in the process of turning it into a shop that sells amethyst-infused candles and edible moss. 

“Over the years on Sesame Street, we’ve featured characters from all walks of life with relatable issues like having an incarcerated parent or living with a physical disability so we’re excited to tell Mackenzie’s story,” said creative director Stevie Watkins, “acting like you’re better than everyone else all the time is it’s own struggle if you think about it.”

Mackenzie spent much of her debut episode exploring her new home and introducing herself to the many colorful characters that inhabit her new neighborhood. She met Cookie Monster and recommended he switch to gluten-free biscotti, kept telling the Count he would love the Criterion 4K release of ‘The 400 Blows’, and called the police after seeing Snuffleupagus. 

The majority of her screen time, however, was dedicated to her selfless efforts to help Oscar the Grouch to live his best life. She explained the importance of obtaining marketable skills like coding or social media managing, suggested some monthly natural deodorant subscription boxes, and asked why he doesn’t clean up his trash can and put it on Airbnb as a ‘rustic one bedroom’. After nearly 15 minutes, Oscar the Grouch, normally known for his steadfast and defiantly grouchy demeanor, was reduced nearly to tears begging the puppet to leave him alone.

While Mackenzie ranted, Oscar took the opportunity to flee the scene by ducking into his trash can, shifting his weight to tip it on its side, and rolling away to start a new life on some other street.

Sounds like a perfect representation! Finally, kids from Edina can see themselves on Sesame Street!