Scott Jensen: I Don’t Want To Be Governor, I Just Want To Compare Things to the Holocaust

photo by Minnesota Senate Republicans

As I sit out on the deck of my home in Chaska, drinking herbal tea, swaddled in the blanket given to me by my father, I realize that it’s only a little over a week until Election Day. 

I have been campaigning for governor for nearly two years, and have been in politics for several more. As I look out at the leaves falling from the rustling trees, I realize that it all happened so quickly, and I barely had a moment to reflect. 

But I now realize, and must emphasize, a simple truth: I never really wanted to become governor of Minnesota. I just wanted to compare things to the Holocaust. 

This simple desire to make wildly inaccurate and offensive analogies between small inconveniences and genocide brought me into politics as a bright eyed young 52 year old.

But over time, forces beyond my control forced me to have opinions about a whole host of issues like the economy, public safety, transportation, healthcare. 

The truth is that I don’t know anything about these topics. I got into this business so I could liken public health officials asking people to wear masks to Kristallnacht. 

Now, you might be asking: “Well, then why did you put your hat in the ring in the governor’s race?” The answer is simple: I thought that being governor of Minnesota would be the perfect stage to share my bad takes on historical violence with a larger public. Oh how naive I was.  

But now, years later, I feel like I am in too deep trapped in an concentration camp of my own making. 

See! That’s the type of outlandish comparison that still keeps me going, that still gets me up in the morning. 

Hopefully, Minnesotans will come to their senses and spare me – spare us all – from making me governor and having to do all that non-Holocaust comparison related stuff. That would truly be an atrocity.