Star Tribune Movie Reviewer Gives Stock Photo Of Police Officer 5 Stars

MINNEAPOLIS — Calling it “a riveting tour de force” and “a brutally honest character study about one of society’s greatest heroes”, the Star Tribune’s resident film critic has given a glowing 5 star review of a stock photo of a smiling man dressed as a police officer standing and holding his hands on his hips.

“I was driven to tears by ‘Stock Photo Of A Police Officer’,” wrote critic Ted Bedford, “not since Carl Brunker’s seminal ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’ has there been such a genuine look at the role of law enforcement in today’s dark and confusing world.”

Bedford praised the lead actor’s subtle performance as well as the piece’s inspired mise-en-scène, and it’s deliberate lack of music which allows the viewer to “sit silently in reverent awe of the officer’s bravery”.

He went on to single out the director’s decision to place his subject in a stark, all-white room as a particularly inspired choice.

“The simple, snow white background that permeates the piece is a clear symbol of both the main character’s pure intentions but also the innocence of his chosen profession as a whole,” wrote Bedford, “at the same time, the prominent ‘Getty Images’ watermark acts as a sobering reminder that law enforcement’s record is not entirely unblemished. For instance, once while stuck in traffic, a police woman rudely did not respond to me when I rolled down my Prius’s window, waved, and said ‘ ‘thank you for your service’”.

Also in today’s issue, the Star Tribune’s music critic gave The Police’s 1983 album ‘Synchronicity’ 10/10 without even listening to it and their food writer authored an impassioned op-ed demanding ‘Pigs in a Blanket’ be made illegal.