Star Tribune To Appeal To Moms By Introducing New “Oops! All Obituaries” Edition

MINNEAPOLIS — In an effort to increase readership among moms, the Star Tribune is introducing a new edition called “Oops! All Obituaries!” that contains nothing but obituaries. 

“The idea for an all-obit edition was a no-brainer that I wish we’d thought of earlier,” said Star Tribune Media Company CEO Michael J Klingensmith, “internal reports find that roughly 90% of moms read our newspaper solely to find out if one of their middle school teachers died so they can bring it up randomly in conversations with others regardless of whether or not they have any idea who the deceased was.”

Response to Star Tribune’s announcement among Minnesota’s moms has so far been overwhelmingly positive.

“I think this idea is marvelous,” raved Lakeville mom Janice Perkins, “this will really streamline my pleasant morning routine of drinking coffee in my favorite chair while reading page after page of death announcements.” 

“I can’t wait to pick up a copy! Obituaries are my go-to Star Tribune section” said Mankato mom Nancy Jamison, “it’s by far my preferred way to find out a distant relative died so I can abruptly text ‘cousin died’ with no other context to my adult son.”

If the venture is successful, the Star Tribune hopes to expand by introducing an edition for dads called “Oops! All Battleships!” which is just a printed out copy of the Wikipedia page “List of World War II Battleships” delivered daily.