There’s Just No Way: This St. Paul House Listing Says One of Its Amenities is That Josh Hartnett Currently Lives There But You’ll Never Hear or See Him Because He’s Studying For A Role As A Tiny Aphid in “A Bug’s Life 2”

There’s no way any of this is true, right? A new St Paul house listing just went up on Zillow that’s claiming actor Josh Hartnett is currently living there but you’ll never see or hear him because he’s studying for a role as an aphid in A Bug’s Life 2. 

The listing in question reads:

“You’ll love this spacious French-inspired 3 bedroom 2 bath home located within walking distance of Lake Como. You’ll also love being able to tell your friends that you live in Josh Hartnett’s house! That’s right! This is also the home of handsome superstar Josh Hartnett but you will never even catch a glimpse of him because he is pretending to be as small and unnoticed as possible by hiding on houseplants and under blankets in order to get into character as an itty bitty aphid in the upcoming film A Bug’s Life 2: Flik Goes West. Good luck trying to wait for him in the kitchen or bathroom until he has to break character, because he won’t – he finds a way to wiggle out of the home through cracks in the windowsill to eat leaves and relieve himself in gardens across the neighborhood. He’s just that dedicated!”.

Wow. This raises so many questions. Why would he be doing this for a voice role? I mean, Black Hawk Down’s Josh Hartnett is a great artist but scrunching himself up into a ball and inching around silently just to get into the right headspace to say things like “we bugs have to stick together!” or “um…that’s gotta hurt” into a microphone? The man has a wife and children!

The listing was later updated with “UPDATE: Some people have been asking when Josh Hartnett will finally stop living as an imperceptible bug and say hi or hang out or pay rent. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pixar has pushed back production until 2070 so Josh Hartnett will probably just be doing this until he dies of old age.”

Ok, so now he’s just going to be doing this forever for basically no reason? No friggin way. But if there’s even a chance this is legit, it’d be a shame to pass it up. I for one am going to at least make a bid!