Uptown Woman Drops $150 On Candles At Patina, Cures Depression For Real This Time

Original photo by Dan Iggers

MINNEAPOLIS — Despite recommendations of talk therapy and antidepressants from her healthcare provider, Uptown resident Michelle Erickson has spent $150 on candles at Patina and cured her depression for real this time. 

“Like a lot of people over the last year, I’ve been subject to fatigue, a lack of interest in hobbies, excessive worry and poor mood,” said Erickson as she huffed a Paddywax Tobacco & Patchouli candle. “But these candles have reversed all of those symptoms, probably for permanent this time.” 

Erickson reportedly spent about an hour in the Franklin Ave Patina, during which she smelled every candle, touched most of the fuzzy blankets, and only sighed forlornly twice. Her final haul included 12 candles with scents ranging from earthy to sweet, none of which are necessarily recommended for the treatment of Major Depression Disorder. 

“I’m just feeling really good, really refreshed,” Erickson said as she lit all 12 candles at once in her one-bedroom apartment. “This is what healing looks like.” 

A representative from Patina released a statement that they do not claim that their products can cure depression, but they’re happy to profit off the idea that they might.