A Disgrace To His Legacy: The Prince Estate Is Selling Orange T-Shirts That Say “Sex Just Isn’t My Thing”

Original photo by Spread Group

This is borderline sacrilegious. Just weeks after announcing a makeup collection by Urban Decay, Prince’s estate has started making money off an item that’s against everything the late superstar stood for: orange t-shirts that say “sex just isn’t my thing” on them.


You heard that right! At least Prince isn’t around to see his legacy tarnished by this line of regular old orange shirts that appeal to customers with a distaste for the act of sexual congress – something that was undisputedly among the musical icon’s top five favorite activities!

Prince’s estate says they’re honoring The Purple One’s love of inclusion by trying to appeal to everybody, including those who like orange and dislike intercourse, but come on!

They might as well be selling a beige trucker hat that says “I’d rather not party. Thank you very much” or a frumpy grey jumpsuit that says “I think I’ll purify myself in Lake Harriet instead”. Hell, it’d be just as respectful if they sold the opportunity to toss an egg at the man’s grave for five bucks a pop!

There’s just no two ways about it – that’s some seriously sick shit.