Anoka Man Getting Pretty Good At Taco Bell App

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

ANOKA — Proudly noting that he’s only had the application for a month, Anoka resident and fast learner Eric Reynolds, 35, is reportedly already excelling at the Taco Bell app. 

“At first all the options seemed daunting,” said Reynolds, while proudly tossing yet another empty Build Your Own Cravings Box into the backseat of his Toyota Corolla, “but now I’m crushing it.”

Reynolds has already accumulated an impressive 3,700 total points, giving him access to a near daily stream of Fire Tier! rewards. 

“I have the McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Subway apps too,” says Reynolds, “but Taco Bell’s mechanics are unmatched.”

There is, however, room for improvement, Reynolds suggests.

“I do wish there was a leader board so you could see how you stack up against other players in your area,” proposes Reynolds, “or a two player dueling mode, perhaps?”

At press time, Reynolds was driving up to the Main Street location while deftly navigating the app’s interface to redeem a free Baja Blast without so much as glancing at his phone.