Duluth Dad Prepares for Annual Unveiling of the White Legs

DULUTH — As Duluth transitions to the heat of summer, local dads are preparing with their own transition from long pants to cargo shorts. The most reverent of dads commemorates the change with his time-honored tradition: The Annual Unveiling of the White Legs.

“It was a frosty one this year,” said Andy Anderson, eager to show off his milky lower appendages. “So I thought a bigger celebration was in order. I like to party, the kids’ll attest to that!” 

None of Mr. Anderson’s children were available for comment.

This year’s festivities will include the Donning of the Black Socks and Sandals, and the Recitation of How Hot It Is. Free sunglasses will be given out while supplies last. 

“I’m pretty darn excited for this unveiling,” said Anderson.

The unpigmented legs are expected to be on display until mid-September.