Edina Hockey Team Gears Up to Live Out Missed 2020 Hockey Season Vicariously Through Future Children

EDINA — With the Minnesota High School Sports League shortening the season for all winter sports, , the Edina High School hockey team is refusing to let their disappointment go to waste. The team has pivoted their practices to prepare for their future of living out this missed season vicariously through their future offspring. 

“With the season already reduced down by 30%, we’re preparing for the news of a cancelled season,” says senior captain Kyle McBucks. “When we become parents, we will be ready to live out our 2020 hockey season dreams vicariously through our children, whether they want to play hockey or not.”

The Hornets hockey team has swapped out their hockey skates for father-figure approved New Balances in order to run drills like, “making every conversation about improving your slap shot”, “re-telling the story of what the 2020 hockey season could have been”, and “emotional unavailability”.  

“When the time comes to have a screaming match at the dinner table with our future children over whether or not they skated the competition, we know we’ll be ready,” McBucks states “we’ve put in the time and energy it takes to really force our dreams on our future kids and I am just not sure that any other team in the state can stay the same.”