Edina Residents Fighting Big Business by Only Buying One Thing From Amazon

Amidst the influx of people hashtagging #smallbusiness and #shoplocal to show support for their local economies, Edina residents have stepped up their game in their efforts with #amazononlydeliveredoncethisyear. It’s the latest Edina attempt to connect with working class Minnesotians by simply purchasing less from Amazon and more from local retailers.

“I’m really proud of how many people have stepped up to keep our local economy stimulated,” says Karienne VanVulkenburg, Edina resident, and PTA Vice President. “At our weekly PTA Zoom happy hour we were exchanging gift ideas for our kids, and a neighbor mentioned they finished their shopping early thanks to Amazon.” 

“That’s when Kathy, the innovative shopper of our group, piped in with a stroke of brilliance,” says VanVulkenburg. “She told us how shopping is like starting an organic diet. Start by replacing one thing. So when doing my shopping this year, I cut back massively on my Amazon spending.”

“I only bought two TVs, a fire stick, a fire safe, and the new iPhone from Amazon” she added. “Only one order! Everything else I’m buying locally from Anthropologie, Athleta and the North Face stores. It’s a small step, but I’m really proud of the change I’ve made!” 

Karienne’s curiosity sparked the interest of the Edina moms in her book club, and soon the feeble attempt at ethical consumption became the latest craze in Edina. From country club happy hours to the Lunds’ parking lot- you could hear the repetition of the phrase, “Shop Local: only place one order from Amazon!” 

“I’ve explained multiple times just because you can walk to a store doesn’t make it local ,” says Rayne, an assistant manager at the 50th and France Athleta store. “They think I’m being funny. So, I gave up and started leaving a tip jar near the register with a sign that says, “thanks for supporting locals!” Now most of my employees go home with another 75 bucks at night.”