Face Painter at Pipestone County Fair In Over Her Head

PIPESTONE – Local woman and novice face artist Edith Mayer has asked for a moment to compose herself today after it became apparent that she was not prepared for the rigors of face-painting at the Pipestone County Fair this weekend.

Mayer, a mother of three and longtime volunteer at the Pipestone County Fair, revealed that she had greatly underestimated the demands of today’s always-online children. 

“I thought I was going to be doing little cats or flowers, maybe a Batman logo,” Mayer said in an interview. “Within minutes, I had been asked by three children to draw Fortnite and asked if I was also giving away V-Bucks. I had no idea what that means.”

Making matters worse was the gaggle of young adults who all decided to get their faces painted ironically, sources report. 

“One young man asked me to draw Big Chungus,” Mayer revealed. “He then told me he would pay in dogecoin and said he wanted my permission to make his face an NFT.”

At press time, Mayer was seen crying behind the caramel apple stand.