Facebook Friend Trying To Save Worst Bar in Your Hometown

CENTER CITY —  After Governor Walz dialed back COVID-19 restrictions earlier this month, Facebook friend Braylen Dunne has publicly pleaded for people to patronize the worst bar in your hometown. He posted the following in the Harding High class of 2008 Facebook page: 

“OK SO THIS IS IMPORTANT… we r all gonna b at McSlops Alehouse tomorro!!! Come thru for 2 for $4 miller high life!! They fixed the rat problem!!” 

Despite the compelling post, commenters cited concerns with the quality of food, temperament of management towards servers, and “The Paint Thinner Incident of ’08.” Dunne did not back down, imploring his acquaintances to consider their many shared memories of harassing women, going deaf from the tinny speakers, and puking in the indescribably filthy men’s bathroom. 

“if we don’t support our local businesses right now theyre all gonna go under. McSloppys has like 10K in fines from the government rn so we gotta pull thru!! where else are we gonna go this summer after pontoon drinking???” 

While not financially linked to the establishment, Dunne has been a champion for the McSlop’s dining experience since he was old enough to get a fake ID. He attributes many of his close companionships to McSlop’s Alehouse.

“my mcsloppy boys are my whole life… ” Dunne said in response to a comment made on his public plea. “if the bar closes before trevor finishes his mandatory community service im gonna be pissed!!!”

McSlop’s Alehouse is open daily from 11AM to 2AM. They boast a 3-tap beer list, and plan on resuming their locally renowned All-You-Can-Eat Salisbury Saturdays in early February.