4 Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Like Almost As Much As Quietly Reorganizing His Fishing Lures

Father’s Day is upon us once more, and we’re here to help you pick out a gift for the guy who does it all! Whether your Dad enjoys the little things in life or big surprises, here are four Father’s Day gifts that he’ll like almost as much as quietly reorganizing his fishing lures. 

  1. A Personalized Coffee Mug 
    Mugs have a reputation as a lazy gift, but they can easily be elevated with a personal touch. Whether you get Dad’s name engraved on the side or simply pick one in his favorite color, your Dad is sure to cherish drinking coffee out of his personalized mug as he sits at the kitchen table and sorts his spinner baits by color after everyone else in the house has gone to bed. 
  1. A Print For His Office 
    A specially chosen print is a great way for Dad to take a little piece of home with him to the office. He’ll appreciate the extra thoughtfulness, almost as much as he appreciates the resealable bags Yamamoto Senko plastic worms come in. 
  1. A Duluth Trading Co. Giftcard 
    Equally beloved for their quality and understated masculinity, this Minnesota-owned company is sure to have at least a few things that your Dad will like. Just don’t expect him to like it as much as he likes sitting out in the garage with a classic Coke, listening to NPR, and deciding whether his crankbaits should go in his big tackle box or his travel tackle box. 
  1. A New Pair of Summer Sandals
    Whether it’s the classic leather grilling sandal, a sporty Adidas slide, or a practical pair of Birkenstocks, he’ll be grateful that you kids thought of him. Almost as grateful as he’ll be when you all go home at the end of the day and he can retreat to the basement, where he’ll be busting out his walleye kit and streamlining it for the 2021 season. 

At the end of the day,while gifts on Father’s Day are nice, they’ll never beat some quality time together, or just leaving Dad alone so he can play with his fishing lures in peace, just this one damn time. 

Happy Father’s Day!