Four John Deere Lawn Mowers Just Waiting for Your Dad to Turn Them On

PRINCETON — Spring has officially sprung in Minnesota and we all know your dad has one thing on his mind—getting his yard back in shape! To give him a little help in the backyard department, here are four John Deere lawn mowers just waiting for your dad to turn them on!

The John Deere E180
Though she be little, she is fierce…in the backyard! The E180’s two-wheel drive is sure to drive your dad wild as he starts mowing his lawn and really making her 25 hp engine purr, purr, purr! A great fit for dads who are just getting started with residential lawn care, the E180 will give your father a smooth and satisfying ride, every time!

The John Deere S240
The dual capabilities of this model will be sure to have dad experiencing double the lawn maintenance pleasure and in and out of the shed over and over again. With her Turf Trac tires will grip your dad’s lawn so tight, he’ll be scrambling for excuses to give her another ride. And the fact that her mower-deck stamping is the deepest of any tractor on the market? Let’s just say that your dad won’t even look at a Toro after going S24-deep into her gear panel!

The John Deere X394
This model is for a dad who knows what he wants for his lawn and isn’t afraid to go get it. The X394 is waiting for a dad who is ready to pound her 22 hp iTorque engine and not let up, no matter how she screams! Also, with the X394’s One-touch MulchControl, your dad will have no confusion on which button to push to make sure that she’ll spray the right amount of mulch with every ride. Plus, her Power 4-wheel steering is just waiting for your pop pop to thrust into every curve of his lawn without losing his rhythm even once!

The John Deere X750
This tractor knows every trick in the backyard and demands that your dad cram his key into her ignition already and give her hell! Every inch of her is vibrating in anticipation of all of the different attachments your dad can strap on to her, including a loader that will allow your dad to deposit yard waste loads that she can carry for up to 5 miles. After the X750’s been loaded up, be sure that your dad follows up by giving her the sprayer and spin-spreader attachments she craves to help create multiple organisms in the backyard. While she’s a certified (diesel) guzzler, the X750 will never leave your dad, or his backyard, dry!

There you have it, four beautiful machines that need your daddy to step away from the big game and hop on top of them and rattle their steel frames! After your dad takes ride on one of these sizeable queens, his push mower will no longer be the grass grazer of his dreams.