‘I Can Handle One More’ Claims Local Mom Climbing on Twelfth Hayride of the Night

Original photo by Virginia State Parks

ANOKA — A 44 year-old teacher and mother of three attending a church fair Saturday night became belligerent and was asked to leave when she refused to stop riding the Fall Colors Hayride attraction, claim attendees. 

Fairgoers say Laura Schneider of Oak Grove Township arrived at the event already smelling of hayrides and immediately headed for the hay-strewn wagon behind a cheerful red tractor. As the night wore on, more and more people marked her behavior as odd and noted that she was riding on every single hayride.

“It was just not nice,” said fair patron Jill Sender. “It was packed and many people wanted to ride the hayride, but she kept pushing her way on and wouldn’t get off.”

Pastor Greg Reed says he was forced to ask Mrs. Schneider to leave after he asked her if she’d had enough hayrides. He claims she screamed, “I can handle one more, Greg!” then aggressively shoved the pastor aside to reboard the wagon. It was then that Mrs. Schneider’s daughter Tracy arrived and calmed her mother down.

“I was out going from hayride to hayride trying to find my mom,” said Tracy, “She says she can quit anytime she wants, but I’m not so sure.” 

Mrs. Schneider was driven home by her daughter shortly after her twelfth ride of the night.