Inside Duluth Fashion Week

Last Friday’s runway show marked the last event of Duluth Fashion Week and, as expected, it was one for the ages. The best designers from Duluth (and a few from Superior) really highlighted the full spectrum of Northern Minnesota stylings from “casual townie” to “formal outdoorsman.”

“I really wanted to emphasize the accessories this year,” featured designer Tyler Hammersmith told reporters. “That’s why in addition to a flannel and jeans, my models were outfitted with Carhartt beanies with the logo slightly off-center and Choppers mittens that were yellow, but not so yellow that you’d think this is their first winter. They’d definitely shoveled a driveway or two if you know what I mean.”

Although not a competition, Hammersmith’s designs left a lasting impression on all in attendance. Duluth socialite and local brewmaster Amy Collins was reportedly “astonished” and she helped create some of last week’s signature looks.

“Yes, I designed the Bent Paddle runway line, but the way Hammersmith’s jeans were stained with real oil completely blew me away. Such attention to detail. You could really sense his ensembles were representative of Duluth culture, namely staying warm and fixing up snowmobiles before winter.”

There were, of course, similar fashions as in years past, but with minor tweaks: hunting bibs with slightly different camouflage patterns and baja sweatshirts for UMD students to name a few. But, there was one line of clothing that had guests, designers, and critics all raving: ‘Luth’, the shabby-chic local brand that embodied the true spirit of Duluth.

“White tank tops. Neck tats. Shorts for winter. Simply stunning,” commented Vogue magazine beat writer Sasha Sterling. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it. You could even see a circular outline in the shorts from the pocket’s tin of Skoal long cut chewing tobacco. The runway model even had a lip in, but without a spitter, she just gutted it. In all my years covering fashion, I’ve never witnessed a look so bold, so brash.”

As fashion week comes to a close and the reporters and celebrities fly back to their homes, Duluth residents will reportedly keep on doing what they’ve always done, which is not give a fuck about fashion.