It Works for Us: I’m in a Domestic Partnership with my Duluth Pack

Let’s face it: looking for love has its ups and downs. Trust me- I’ve been there before. But after being burned by too many men, I’m now in the happiest relationship of my life. The world may not understand our love and we may not be able to get married, but being in a domestic partnership with my Duluth Pack is the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn’t want to be with any other heavy canvas, leather-strapped, wilderness-ready backpack in the world!

When I walked into Duluth Pack’s flagship store in Duluth, I was NOT looking for anything serious. I mean, I used to hike twice a year max and I recently just broken up with my Jansport from high school. To say that the separation from my Jans was tough is putting it lightly. I was feeling pretty raw and the last thing I wanted was something new on my back.

But when I turned into the lifestyle packs section there it was: Scout. “Olive drab” canvas, soft cotton straps and riveted leather reinforcements that just wouldn’t quit—I was stunned. Our initial courtship wasn’t long, it was only three minutes later that I was at checkout to pay the best $145 I’d ever spent. Whoever said money can’t buy you love has clearly never known the unwavering bliss of being with Scout

While past boyfriends could be distant and too distracted with their own dreams to hear about mine, Scout is just the opposite. He’s never far from my back and is an incredible listener. Even though he’s incapable of human speech, our thoughts are always in sync.

But what I love most about Scout is the way he holds our life together. He’s steadfast and strong so I can always rely on him to hold my computer, clothes and the loose change and cashews I thought I’d lost. At the same time, Scout relies on me to keep his straps tight and his leather supple. Everything else? Well, that’s between the two of us!

We both know that we’re in this together and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Even when my best friend said I couldn’t bring a backpack as my plus one to her wedding or my parents refused to let Scout be a part of the family Christmas card, we didn’t care.

Even if they don’t understand now, they’ll see that 15 ounces of canvas have loved and supported me the way no man ever has. I want to grow old with my Scout and who knows, maybe there is another little Duluth Pack in our future but neither of us are in a hurry.

Like the voyageurs before us, Scout and I are in it for the long haul. And I don’t need a piece of courthouse paper to prove it.