Little Cousin On Fishing Trip Having A Bit Too Much Fun Ripping Worms In Half

GULL LAKE — Filling bystanders with concern for his future, 8-year old Dustin Greer is deriving a little too much pleasure from the act of ripping worms in half on a daylong fishing trip with his cousins.

“I asked him to cut one of the nightcrawlers in half for me while I was helping one of the other kids take the hook out of a Bluegill and he immediately started smiling really big and doing a weird excited little dance,” said Dustin’s aunt Amber Schmidt, “It was terrifying”.

“We’re just going to use corn from now on,” she added.

Dustin reportedly made a high-pitched wailing sound and mockingly gave the worms voices as he bisected them, saying such things as “oh no! Don’t do it!” and “Please! I have a family!”. 

After gleefully ripping in twain all the remaining worms in the small styrofoam container, he dusted his slime-covered hands off and declared “all done” with a disquieting seriousness.

“The worst part was that he named one of them beforehand,” said Dustin’s cousin Barnett, 10, with a look of deep unease on his face, “Squirmy didn’t deserve that.”

At press time, Dustin was begging his cousins to dare him to eat the last worm.