Update: Dad’s Just Standing Out in the Yard Again, I Guess

PLYMOUTH — In a developing story, Plymouth father John Hendrickson is just standing out in his yard again.

“He went out to fill up the bird feeders but now I’m looking out and he’s just standing there, I think, ” Hendrickson’s wife Maryann tells us. “Not even looking at anything that I can see, just standing there.”

As time went on, Mr. Hendrickson appeared to shift his weight from his left foot, then to his right, rocked forwards and backwards for a couple beats while whistling an unrecognizable tune then put his hands on his hips while looking at a recycling bin across the street. Then, he put his left hand over his eyes to shield them as he watched a plane go across the sky until it was out of his eye line. After that, Hendrickson raised and lowered his shoulders in what looked like a big sigh and then turned to go back inside.

Upon entry, Mr. Hendrickson was asked what he was doing out there to which he responded “ah, nothin’ much” then proceeded to stand in front of the tv with his arms folded.