Local Man Makes Mistake of Asking Mike Lindell How He Sleeps at Night

Original photo by Gage Skidmore

MINNEAPOLIS — After seeing ‘MyPillow’ founder Mike Lindell in the news spewing false claims of election fraud and then being banned from Twitter and sued by Dominion for those false claims, local man Andrew Dawson made the mistake of confronting the businessman and asking how he sleeps at night.

“[Lindell] told me he sleeps ‘a sound 9 hours a night with no regrets’ on his new line of pillows. Then he gave me a 10-minute rundown of these new cotton fibers they’re using” said Dawson, who cornered Lindell at the Eden Prairie Mall. “Apparently it supports your neck better? Then he then asked if I wanted to take one home for a 30-day trial.”

Dawson, who is admittedly fed up with hearing lies about an election that’s been confirmed by Congress, wishes Lindell would retire quietly to a lakeside abode, and stay out of the public eye.

“After a while, he hugged the pillow to his chest and yelled ‘Praise God, these pillows are from heaven above!’”, said Dawson, adding that Lindell had a big smile across his face and a strange twinkle in his eye.

Dawson said Lindell then invited him to the trunk of his car to squeeze more pillows.

“I ended up being there for an hour,” said Dawson. “I really should’ve thought that one through.”