‘Minneapolis Both Affordable and Full of Opportunity,’ Says White Man from Edina

Edina Man So Happy

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Citing a half read Atlantic article and a few pieces of anecdotal evidence related exclusively to his own experience, Edina native Derek Connors praised the city of Minneapolis. “Really when you think about it, it’s the best of both worlds in terms of cost and jobs,” Mr. Connors said from his luxury apartment with a two heated pools and a golf simulator. “The city can’t be beat honestly. It’s been great to me.”

Mr. Connors went on to say that the abundance of Fortune 500 companies in the area provide endless opportunities for employment, provided you look, act, and think exactly like him. The U.S. Bank analyst casually boasted that his father secured him a job. “I’d suggest getting an apartment in Uptown, or if you are really looking to put down roots, my buddy is selling condos in the North Loop and can hook you up.”

Adding that “So long as you played high school lacrosse together.”