Minnesota Freedom Fund to Use Remaining Funds to Purchase Minnesota Timberwolves


In a call for transparency, Twitter users requested that Minnesota Freedom Fund, a Minneapolis-based bail fund, release information regarding the use of $35 million that was raised to pay bail for people arrested during protests for racial justice that started in late May.

“You asked for transparency, you got it,” said Simon Cecil, founder of the Minnesota Freedom Fund. “We raised $35 million dollars, which is much more than we anticipated. We spent $200,000 on bail in May and June. We spent $1.5 million bailing people out in July. We gave $4.5 million to the National Bail Fund Network. And now, thanks to everyone’s support, we’re honored to announce that we’ve decided to use the remaining $28,800,000 to invest in our community and purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves.”

“It wasn’t a tough decision,” said Cecil. “Going back to our roots was of the utmost importance. We are the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Freedom for all, including the Wolves, from oppressive billionaire leadership.”

Donors and supporters noted that the group could use the funds for literally hundreds of other more reasonable and respectable causes, but the organization has not responded to criticisms of this decision. One donor calculated that the fund’s ownership bid of $28 million is a mere 2% of current owner Glenn Taylor’s asking price of $1.2 billion.

“We know what the team is worth. That’s why we’re taking all 28 M’s, and going all in,” said Cecil.

And when asked about former Wolves’ star Kevin Garnetts’ potential ownership bid?

“You’ve got to understand… we’ve got a few things that KG doesn’t: heart, passion, a rare lucky opal from an Ethiopian mine, and knowledge of the game. We’re not worried.”